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SNOQUALMIE, Wash., May 10, 2019 – Snoqualmie City Councilmember Jim Mayhew announced today he would run to retain Position 4, the seat he has held since his appointment on October 9th, 2017.

“I want to maintain our exceptional community in Snoqualmie where families thrive’” said Mayhew. “I want to be a part of preserving the unique qualities and special recipe we have here and ensure it continues to succeed.”

Since joining the council Mayhew has led efforts to expand the city’s human services budget, and he led efforts to provide a dedicated on-ramp from Snoqualmie to westbound I-90 at the beginning of the Interchange Project as a member of the WSDOT Executive Advisory Committee. With his focus on supporting and fostering a strong community he worked with a group to explore potential funding for construction of an expanded community center within existing city resources.

He has pushed for increased transparency in council actions including accommodating increased resident input at committee meetings and supporting town hall and coffee-with-a-councilmember forums. And he has advocated strengthening the Council’s budget policies to ensure stable, sustainable matching of operating expenses with recurring revenues and to establish adequate, dedicated funding for capital needs. This includes assigning specific revenues to fund capital renewal cycles for streets, parks and open spaces, and other infrastructure as well as funding facilities improvements.


About Jim Mayhew

James Whitney Mayhew has lived in Snoqualmie since 2009 with his wife Ramsey and two now-teenage sons. He is a graduate of the Snoqualmie Citizens Academy and served for several years as a Board Member and as Treasurer of the Sno-Valley Wildcats.  He spent his career as the Chief Financial Officer for a multi-national Fortune 1000 company and as a partner with KPMG, an accounting and consulting firm, and he is a certified public accountant. He has served on the boards of numerous community organizations for 30 years, and for the last 10 of those he and his wife have contributed their professional and philanthropic support to non-profit organizations throughout the Snoqualmie Valley.

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