Preserve Our Exceptional, Unique City


Keeping Snoqualimie A Special Place To Live

I want to preserve our exceptional community and the special recipe we have here. To protect our city’s character, quality of life, and historic area charm, I will advocate for resident involvement in community planning for the remaining county-designated Urban Growth Area around Snoqualmie. We must ensure that when future growth comes it will be what the residents envision.

I believe residents should define how much the commercial area should be extended and what types of businesses are desired. I support housing options that are affordable to our seniors, teachers, first responders, and the rest of our workforce in Snoqualmie. Residents fill only about 200 of the roughly 2,000 jobs located in Snoqualmie, largely because of the high cost of housing here. And as residents age there are limited options for downsizing or assisted living. I believe our community is best able to describe what would be welcomed in future development and provide this guidance to developers before they bring proposals

Human Services For Those Struggling Here In Snoqualmie

I am proud to have led the effort in 2019 for the largest human services budget increase in the City’s history.  I will continue to support and seek ways of increasing resident input and ensuring we are focused on community needs and aspirations.

Keeping Taxes and Rates Reasonable, Sustainable Budgets

Keeping our taxes and rates reasonable and safeguarding a financially sustainable future is fundamental to ensuring our special recipe continues to succeed. I will continue supporting sustainable budgeting that does not spend one-time revenues for ongoing operations but rather commits them to capital needs, ensuring adequate reserves for unforeseen circumstances and future economic downturns, and establishing dedicated funding for capital programs such as parks and streets renewal.